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About Us

Witt Photography + Wedding Planning & Design under our brand Witt Co. LLC  was established at the beginning of  2020, but collectively we have over 10 years of experience. We are all about curating and capturing the most precious moments in your life. 

Whether its setting up your annual family photo session, taking your graduation portraits, or planning, coordinating, and designing the wedding of your dreams. We are solely here to make those joyful milestones of life that can be clouded with tasks and responsibility a lot less stressful. 

Love should be your only focus. Let us handle the rest.

About the Founder


Hey everyone! Welcome to Witt Co. LLC.

First off, I Love, LOVE.

I Love pretty much all animals, domestic and wild. I love gardening and eating foods I have grown myself, (and of course plenty of things that I haven't.) I love organizing and making "to-do" lists is my happy place. I love photography and any form of art that someone creates. I love watching re-runs of "Fixer Upper" (Chip and Joanna gains are my role models.) I am also a huge lover of all things antique, I go inside basically every flea market or antique store that I pass. I also tend to hoard furniture projects that occasionally get finished. And most of all I love meeting families and couples so that I can learn about all the things they Love.

I have the absolute sweetest 6 year old son named Levi. And I am recently engaged! (whoop!) so I’m currently having my own Wedding Planning fun.

I have been a Wedding and Family Photographer for almost 7 years, but about 2 years ago I decided to venture into Wedding Planning, Coordinating, and Design. Now I am a certified Wedding and Event planner. That venture began the journey into creating Witt Co. LLC, our main title over Witt Photography + Wedding Planning & Design, as well as, Styled Shoots by Witt.


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